Smoked Turkey Legs

Our delicious plump, juicy, golden brown Turkey Legs are sold at major theme parks and festivals around the United States. Farm Pac Turkey Legs are smoked to perfection and are perfect for a family dinner, graduation party, picnic at the beach or any social gathering! Just heat and serve! Note, these are smaller in size but have the same big, bold taste found in the larger tom drums. This equates to more servings for your hard-earned dollars. Whether you are feeding your family or feeding a crowd, everyone will love Turkey Legs from Farm Pac Kitchens!

• Each leg weights approximately 10 ounces
• Packaged 10 Turkey Legs per bag, 2 bags per order, Total of 20 Turkey Legs
• Shipped Smoked/frozen by United Parcel Service in a reusable insulated box.

Smoked Turkey Legs, 20 pcs
Price: $72.50

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